About us

Research and Production Co "Antigen" Ltd. was organized in 1998.

The company has the necessary facilities, modern technologies and equipment for the production of biological and medical products, as well as for scientific research. In the company in the production of drugs quality is provided in accordance with requirements of international standards GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice). International standards give the company an opportunity to achieve a high technical level, quality and reliability in all areas of production.

The company has developed and implemented 17 diagnostic preparations, 12 vaccines, 3 medical and preventive, 3 antiparasitics products and animal serum, salt solutions, digest mediums, ingredients for the virology and bacteriology, blood serum of the animals.

The company has the following accreditation certificates and certificates of conformity:

- Certificate of accreditation issued by the Ministry of Education and Science Republic of Kazakhstan as a subject of scientific activity;

- Certificate of accreditation to the requirements of ST RK ISO / IEC 17025-2007 for testing according to the declared field of accreditation;

- Certificate of Conformity № KZ.7500852.07.03.01567 quality management system according to the requirements of ST RK ISO 9001-2009;

- Certificate of conformity of the environmental management № KZ.7500947.07.03.00705 requirements of ST RK ISO 14001-2006;

- Certificate of Conformity № KZ.7500947.07.03.02560 management system of food safety requirements of ST RK ISO 22000-2006.

- The resolution of the Ministry of Health Republic of Kazakhstan to conduct research and production work with microorganisms II-IV pathogenicity groups.

The main indicators of research laboratories RPE "Antigen is" the number of implemented research projects, received grants of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the number of publications in scientific journals, the number of employees who have received training in leading foreign universities and research centers, the number of students and undergraduates involved in research process.

To carry out scientific and production activities, the company has its own museum of microorganisms and the bank of cell cultures. The laboratory of probiotics developed starters for the production of national fermented milk products «Тай-Бота». The laboratory of cellulated biotechnology developed bio-based coating from natural polymers «Biotangish®FT» for the treatment of burns and surgical wounds. The company has a nursery for breeding and content of laboratory animals for research, experimental work and production components of diagnostic kits. Provides supply of laboratory animals for teaching and research laboratories.

The company has been publishing the scientific journal "Veterinary" since 2008. The main theme of the issue is the problem of veterinary safety of agriculture, food safety, veterinary medicine, as well as information and news materials of the world veterinary community and national level.

We are confident that our taken measures will contribute to the acquisition of confidence and strengthening partnerships with our customers.