Laboratory of Virology

Conducting research to determine the safety of viral vaccines.

Conducting research to determine the immunogenicity of viral vaccines.

Determination of residual moisture in the dried lyophilized vaccine preparations.

Preparation and obtaining immune (therapeutic and prophylactic) sera against viral diseases.

The development of new therapeutic and preventive and diagnostic preparations.

Lyophilization and selection media for stabilizing virus vaccine preparations with a view to prolonged storage.

Cultivation of viruses and virus-containing suspension by stationary, roller and suspension cultivation methods.

Virus isolation from pathological material.

Determination of antibody titer in sera of convalescents, the immunized animals.

The diagnosis of rabies in samples of pathological material by immunofluorescence (IDAF) and immunoprecipitation (IDAP).

Conducting the epidemiological monitoring in the Republic of Kazakhstan on viral infections.

Training in isolation and cultivation of viruses on different systems (cell culture, EEC, laboratory and natural-susceptible animals).

Education formulation of serological tests (ELISA, HA, RAC, RID, pH neutralization and others.)