Starters for kumys and shubat production

The Ministry of Education and Science and the World Bank financed the production of starter cultures for the Kazakh national beverages. For the first time will create standardized leaven for farmers and villagers.

Starters for kumys and shubat will be produced on the basis of Research and Production Enterprise Ltd. Co "Antigen". The leaven for kumys, shubatand other fermented milk products will be createdthat will allow producing high quality products throughout the year.

Biodiversity of micro-organisms that are naturally found in the national dairy products represent a special scientific and industrial interest.

Starters creation on the basis of such cultures solves the main problem of the microorganismsbiodiversityconservationin certain geographic regions (local flora), and can significantly increase the production of traditional national fermented milk products, based on mare's and camel's milk with desired technological properties.

Project realization will permit primarily provide consumers with natural bioactive food, and processors, national producers of dairy products ferments ensure stable production of high quality products with specific technical characteristics.


“Science commercialization” in “GalymOrdasy”


Guests gladly tried beverages made from starters 12 hours ago.