Research projects and research work

1. Biotechnology development of biologically active additives based on basidiomycetes Ganoderma lucidum and Trametes versicolor with a wide range of therapeutic and preventive action.

2. Manufacturing technology and organization of high sensitivity test system production for the diagnosis of leukemia cattle by enzyme immunoassay.

3. Development of technology for the enzyme phytase to feed in the deep processing of feeding poultry and fish.

4. Proteomic studies of camel milk proteins.

5. Integrated action to regulate the number of blood-sucking ticks - carriers of vector-borne diseases of animals and humans in the south of Kazakhstan.

6. Development and production set for the diagnosis of trypanosomiasis camels and horses with the introduction of the standard GMP.

7. Development of test system for the serological diagnosis of trypanosomiasis (dourine) horses.