Atomic-absorption spectrometer MGA-915M

Applications: determination of toxic elements

Gas chromatograph with flame ionization detector Shimadzu GC 2010 Plus

Applications: determination of the carbon-containing compounds (exception: CO2 carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide CO, CH2O formic aldehyde)

Liquid chromatograph, Shimadzu LC 20 Prominence

Applications: determination of the water-soluble and fat-soluble vitamins, preservatives, colorings, plant fats, aflatoxins (B1, B2, G1, G2), melamine, caffeine, zearalenone, and other organic acids.

Photoelectrocolorimeter AE-30F

Applications: measuring clear solutions transmittance and absorbance, as well as for measuring the rate of change of optical density and determining the concentration of substances (copper, iron, chlorine, silver, etc.) in solutions.

Refractometer IRF-454 B2M

Applications: to determine the refractive index of transparent corrosive liquids and solutions (to determine the protein content of the milk, beer extract, ethyl alcohol grape wine, concentration of solutions of oils and fats in organic solvents, etc.)

Apparatus for extracting crude fiber FIWE 6, VELP Scientifica

Applications: To determine the content of crude fiber (lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose, pectin) in various products

Device for the extraction of oil by Soxhlet R 106 S

Applications: Applications: continuous extraction of non-volatile (or volatility) substances from solid samples.

Nitrogenanalyzer by Kjeldahl method Buchi

Applications: determination of nitrogen and protein in the wider group of products.

The quality of milk analyzerLaktan 1-4 M

Applications: for automatic measurement of mass fraction of fat skim milk protein dry (SNF) and the density in the whole fresh, canned pasteurized reconstituted skim milk and UHT milk.

Centrifuge L-8R Thermo Scientific, 6 * 1000ml

Applications: for scientific and medical laboratories.

Equipment for IFA (reader Multiskan FC, washer Atlantis and Thermo PST-60HL.).


CryoSeal CS-1 apparatus

Applications: for obtaining a fibrin sealant (glue). The usedraw material is donor plasma, including autologous. CryoSeal system can also be used for separate Antihemophilic Factor - cryoprecipitate.

Homogenizer (reaction tank):

Applications: used for multicomponent homogenization insoluble media (which is not allowed to overheat), to produce emulsions and suspensions in the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries.