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Kit for the reaction of long-term complement fixation (LCFT) in the diagnosis of sheep disease caused by Brucella ovis (infectious epididymitis of rams).

Вид продукции: 

Composition: An ultrasound lysate used in the serological diagnosis of sheep disease caused by Brucella ovis.

Antigen for LCFT- 2.0 cm3 – 1 vial.

• Serum positive - hyperimmunized by bacteria of the species Brucella ovis -1.0 ml - 2 vials.

• Negative serum- 1.0 ml - 2 vials.

Indication:  For the detection of specific antibodies to Brucella ovis in the reaction of long complement fixation.

Storage conditions: Store at a temperature of 2 ° C to 8 ° C in a dark place. Do not freeze.

Expiration date: 18 months.

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